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wait bitch
Date night with the monkey. Never take full body pics in public cos they’re awk.. But love these bright Orange heels like my nails 
Pasta with carbonara and pesto sauce, doesn’t look amazing but tastes gooooooooood asf
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The weather was perfection today.
Can’t just leave him out. #NationalSiblingsDay
Making things more awkward than they need to be between these two #NationalSiblingsDay
We are very special. #NationalSiblingsDay
It’s official.
Because I detest being serious all the time.

Clear to say I have issues. @aanmoll

HAHAH I’M SUCH A GOAT just found this too @aanmoll why do I do this shit on camera 

HAHAHAHHA. Caught me an my ‘magpie rage’ they are the bane of my life. @aanmoll


depressing art to the max.